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Multicultural Symphony (A Collection of Poems)

Multicultural Symphony

(A Collection of Poems)

K. V. Dominic

Published by:

Gnosis, New Delhi


Dedicated to

My Bosom Friend and Chief Motivator

Sudarshan Kcherry




Multicultural Symphony is my third collection of poems after Winged Reason, published in 2010 and Write Son, Write, published in 2011. The only specialty of this collection is that the poems were composed after my retirement as Associate Professor of English. There is not much change in my themes or the poetic style.

Poetry is the best and easiest medium of imparting messages and values to the people. In this busy cyber age which is fast deteriorating in eternal human values, poetry has a great role in moulding cultured and civilized society, but the tragic irony is that none listens to the poets nowadays. Very few people cultivate reading habits and even if one reads something outside newspapers and periodicals they are fictions which entertain their minds. I don’t think if any reader searches for a novel which conveys great messages or values. Poetry is the earliest form of literature and poets were considered seers everywhere. The tastes of the people have changed and they don’t want to indulge in grave, philosophical or metaphysical thoughts. The evil influence of visual media and internet dissuades people from serious thinking. The tragic fate of poetry is universal and the poets are ignored worldwide. Literary awards most often go to fiction writers and there is no encouragement for the poets from any quarter. Publishers are unwilling to take poetry as readers are few. Governments, academies, universities and other literary bodies do not promote poets by giving grants or incentives. I must specially congratulate my publisher Mr. Sudarshan Kcherry who has published maximum number of poetry books in India. It is because of his high ethical sense that he takes poetry collections one after another in spite of the huge loss of money from his pocket. He is indeed the poet of the poets and the critic of the critics. I can’t find a comparison to him in the publishing world, at least in India. He is so unique that he inspires the writers with his intuition and the poetry flows from their pen unawares. My association with him is so deep that I am dedicating this book to him, who is my bosom friend and chief motivator.

Now coming to my themes in this book. Basically I am a follower of Advaita philosophy. Though I am a Christian by birth I believe in Adviata. My commonsense doesn’t allow me to see God as a separate entity. I believe that that there is a Supreme Power or Energy which is controlling this universe. We call it God or the Creator. That power is the spirit or soul of the universe and its element is present in all its creations including atoms. Thus divinity is there in all bodies, both living and non living. Based on this reason I cannot find human beings better than other beings or dearest to the Creator as some religion teaches. Since the Creator has given reasoning power to human beings, they boast that the Creator is their own, having their own shape, and they only have souls which other beings lack, and other beings are inferior and are created for human beings’ welfare and food etc. To me this universe is a big concert or symphony, a harmony of diverse notes. All creations play their role in concordance, but man tries to play discordant notes–stands against the rhythmic flow of the system. The inter-relationship between Man, God and Universe is the main theme of my poems. To me science and religion are two sides of the same coin. As man is the latest evolutionary being, he should respect other beings and plants which have greater legacy to claim in this universe. The intellectual capacity of man is used more for destruction than construction, more for vices than virtues. It is an irony that the more one is intellectual and educated the more he is vicious and crooked. Illiterate, rural people are more innocent and graceful than educated urban people. The leaders of the society–political, religious and intellectual—who should be models to the society, are very often worse than the rank and file or laity. They tend to act like mafia. This exploitation of the leaders, looting and torturing of the innocent masses, itch me almost every day and it gives birth to poems one after another. The huge devastation done to the nature and environment by sand mafia, forest mafia and quarry mafia goads me to react through my only medium, poetry. The fast widening gap between the poor and the rich–the vast majority deprived of food and shelter, indirectly caused by the greed of the two or three percent rich, bleeds my heart and results in several poems. Sexism or discrimination shown to woman as part of patriarchy is another wounding thorn which forces me to react through poetry.

Multicultural beauty of the universe, developed and developing nations’ irrational craze for war and defence, sacrifice of soldiers for the nation, the need for peace relations between nations, superstitions created by religions and the exploitation of the laity by clergymen, global warming, need for conservation of nature, torture to elephants, child labour, casteism, unemployment, exploitation at the labour sector, dignity of labour, need of value based education, Swami Vivekananda’s contributions, celebration of man’s intelligence, skills and selfless service for society are other themes I have dealt in my poems. Sources for my themes are very often newspaper reports. I love to write more on concrete ideas than abstract ones.

I have only one motive behind my compositions—imparting some messages and values to the young minds which are groping in darkness and ignorance. Today’s youth are disillusioned and they lead a futile life. They have no role models or messiahs to lead them in the right track. The clergy who are supposed to guide them are misleading them very often to fanaticism and religious fundamentalism. The same is the case with political leaders who never impart democratic, secular and patriotic values but partisan and parochial values to the young minds. Since the content of the poem is most important to me I don’t mind if the lines lack the luster of style. There are forty seven poems in this collection. I am presenting them before my esteemed readers who are the best judges to assess their quality. Once again thanking my dearest publisher, Mr. Sudarshan Kcherry for taking my humble work, I wind up my words.

K. V. Dominic





1.      Multicultural Harmony

2.      Siachen Tragedy

3.      Horoscope

4.      Global Warming’s Real Culprits

5.      Cohabitance on the Planet

6.      Multicultural Kerala

7.      On Conservation

8.      Charles Darwin, Patron Saint of Animals

9.      Elephant Mania

10.  India, Number One!

11.  Child Labour

12.  Caste Lunatics

13.  Bulbul’s Nest

14.  Beena’s Shattered Dreams

15.  Mullaperiyar Dam

16.  I Wish I could Fly Back

17.  Pearl’s Harbour

18.  Dignity of Labour

19.  Drowned Dreams

20.  Hungry Mouths

21.  Ananthu and the Wretched Kite

22.  A Spider in My Bathroom

23.  Fruit of Labour

24.  Sail of Life

25.  Valueless Education

26.  Musings on My Shoes

27.  Multilingual Black Drongo

28.  Mukesh’s Destiny

29.  Lottery Ticket Sellers

30.  Mahi’s Fourth Birthday

31.  Who am I?

32.  Bathroom Monologues

33.  Martyrs at the Borders

34.  Mother’s Love

35.  Tears of a World Champion

36.  Thodupuzha Municipal Park

37.  Why is Fate So Cruel to the Poor?

38.  Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013

39.  ACTS–Saviors on the Roads

40.  Beach Beauticians

41.  A Tribute to Sakuntala Devi

42.  Celebration of Girl-Child’s Birth

43.  Where shall I Flee from This Fretful Land?

44.  Homage to Swami Vivekananda

45.  Agitation through Farming

46.  An Ideal Festival

47.  Protest against Sand Mafia









1.    Multicultural Harmony


Part One


My dear fellow beings

when will you learn

the need for

multicultural existence?


The entire system

is a grand concert

composed by the Solespirit

As matter and spirit

animate and inanimate

visible and invisible

tangible and intangible

audible and inaudible

movable and immovable

are instruments multitudinous

of His perfect symphony.


Multiplicity and diversity

essence of universe

From atom to the heavens

multiculturalism reigns

This unity in diversity

makes beauty of universe.


What thrill is there in Sahara?

How dull is life in Atlantic?

Enchanting beauties of

gardens, groves, meadows,

fields, forests, woods,

brooks, rivers, cataracts

embodiments of multiplicity.


Multicultural instincts

exist in all creations

Inanimate beings know

how to flow with the system

Plant world too is

well aware of the system

Look at the woods

Look at the wild

Look at the birds

Look at the fish

Multicultural beauty everywhere.


It’s we human beings who

distinguish and disintegrate

integrated animal world

Indian cow, American cow

African elephant, Sri Lankan elephant

European crow, Asian crow

Chinese goat, English goat.


We do use our reasoning power

not to find harmony

We take thrill in discordant notes

Love to split atoms

and destroy others

Human world is a rose flower

Each petal adds to its beauty

But when petals are nipped off

vanishes its splendour.


Part Two


Dear my fellow beings

why are we crazy of labels?

Western people, eastern people

white men, black men

Europeans, Asians

American, Africans

Indians, Chinese, Japanese

Germans, French, English

Australians, Canadians, Egyptians

Christians, Muslims

Hindus, Buddhists

Bengalese, Punjabis

Malayalees, Tamilans

Brahmins, Kshatriyas

Vaisyas, Sudras.


The Creator made no divisions

except man and woman

He made the division

to continue creation

In truth they are one

two sides of the flow


Part Three


Dear my fellow beings

there’s no discrimination

of male or female in animal world

But look at the plight of female

in human world

Her birth is ill omen

Millions are butchered

before they are born

Parents receive her

as burden to family

She is destined to live

under her brother’s shadows

Has to live on his leftover

She is denied good food

denied good dress

denied schooling

denied entertainments

Always jailed in kitchen

compelled to work

from dawn to midnight

None listens to her complaints

but tortures

if she opens her mouth

She has no choice

for her spouse

Often raped by her husband

He never cares

for her desires

Feeding of children

falls on her shoulders

Sacrifices her health

for entire family

Her struggle starts

from early morning

fights with utensils

in the kitchen

and then goes for

hazardous labour

till the dusk

She is born with a cry

goes on crying and crying

till she reaches

her destination death.


Woman is most venerable

for she is your mother

she is nurse and teacher

and above all

she is the lamp of house

Sexism is contemptible

A product of patriarchy

Patriarchy reigns supreme

in families, institutions

societies, nations

politics and religion

Woman is exploited everywhere

Religion aimed at ethics

discriminates her

Why can’t women be priests

in churches, mosques and temples?

Can’t she enter and pray

in her Heavenly Father’s abode?


Man, woman is your counterpart

Why can’t she be taken

as your own body?

Why is she viewed

as a consumer product?

Why do you look at her

with lascivious eyes?

Hasn’t she right over her body?

Why do you dictate her apparel?

Why do you forget

that she is your mother

she is your wife

she is your sister

or she is your daughter?


Part Four


Dear my fellow human beings

be humble as all other beings

This planet is a home

to all objects living and non living

Kindly learn your position

You were born

as the youngest ones

All objects have

the right to exist here

You may live here

Let other things also live

Since you are selfish and greedy

you take more than

what is due to you

Other beings struggle for necessities

whereas you are after

comforts and luxuries

You become rich

pushing hundreds of your neighbours

to the abyss of starvation.


Part Five


Dear my fellow beings

though you are created a vegetarian

your greed for delicacies

extinguish other beings

Your greed for luxurious shelters

exterminate trees and forests

Your construction mania

defiles the sky and

topples the climate

You turn your villages to towns

and become more and more civilized

but less and less cultured

There was a time

when you loved

cohabitance with other beings

Cats, dogs, cows, goats,

fowls were your companions

Your civilization now

keeps them away

Your butcher culture

teaches you to kill them

and eat if edible

Your indiscriminate felling of trees

chased away all birds

Many have become extinct now

In place of cuckoos and nightingale

which lulled you to sleep

mosquitoes disturb your slumber

through injections and drone.


Part Six


Dear my fellow beings

you boast of your culture

you boast of your language

Is there any culture

which is not hybrid?

Is there any language

which is not mixed?

How many millions have been killed

in the name of culture?

Look into the pages of history

Most of the wars have been waged

for the supremacy of culture

Conquest of cultures over cultures

amalgamated to multicultural world

How much Indian is an Indian?

None can give any answer

Same who boasts of any nationality.


Part Seven


Dear my fellow beings

break away all fences and walls

Fences of your petty minds

Compound walls of your houses

Walls of your religions and castes

Boundaries of your native States

And ultimately borders of your nations

Let there be no India, Pakistan or China

America, Africa, Europe or Australia

But only one nation THE WORLD

where every being lives in perfect harmony

as one entity in multicultural world










2.    Siachen Tragedy*


Siachen glacier,

milky white grey hair of Himalaya.

Seventy kilometers long

and height ranging from

four thousand to six thousand metres

Twinkling by sun, moon and stars

Rarest beauty on earth for the heavens

Winter, winter, winter, forever and ever

Snowfall is thirty five feet

temperature minus fifty Celsius

Not a blade of grass grows

yet world’s highest battlefield!

Thousands of soldiers of India and Pakistan

fight with Nature to secure their frontiers

Billions are spent for their outposts

Siachen glacier feeding several rivers

irrationally axed and dug

inviting vagaries of harmless Nature

Avalanche lodged on seventh April

buried hundred and twenty four soldiers

and eleven civilians under eighty feet snow

Isn’t it high time the governments

stopped challenging benevolent Nature?


*The tragedy took place on 7 April 2012

















3.    Horoscope


Horoscope, bread earner of astrologers

Arch-villain of Hindu marriages

Monster who pricked the rosy dreams

and sucked the blood of thousands of spinsters

An offspring of pseudoscience astrology

Man-made by-pass for ‘happy’ life

Christians and Muslims never follow

Are their lives worse than Hindus?

Do horoscopic matches bring happiness and peace?

Why then cases of thousands of divorces?

Peace and happiness are fruits of Karma

Horoscope is the product of religious mafia

A means to exploit laity’s ignorance

Millions are trapped in this vicious circle

No sign of redemption in near future







4.    Global Warming’s Real Culprits


America and other developed countries

stamp poverty stricken third world

and developing countries as

main culprits of global warming!

To them firewood and fossil-fuel gas

the arch villain of greenhouse gases

But thousands die every day

since smokes don’t

emit from their kitchens

Billions survive each day

since such noxious gases

come out from their fireplace

Carbon dioxide produced by

home appliances of the rich

room heaters, air conditioners,

refrigerators, washing machines,

and the toxic emissions

from their cars and planes

plays the major share

in polluting air and

resultant global warming.


5.    Cohabitance on the Planet


Souls of the seven cats

Ammini, Manikutty, Preethi,

Kinganan, Kitty, Rowdy, Kittu

long for my lap and stroke

My neighbor dispatched

them in two years

Who says angels are in heaven?

They were all angels on earth

manifesting His beauty

exhibiting His Grace

to humans who

grope for Him in heaven

My neighbour believes

and millions believe

that He is in heaven

and He created the universe

for human welfare

that man is centre of creation

that he can dictate the planet

My neighbour believes

his wife is his own

his sons are his own

the mansion and compounds

are his own

all birds and animals on compounds

are his own

the earth and the air

are his own

He fails to learn

and millions fail to learn

that God is the sole owner

Empty handed we come

empty handed we go

We inhale what plants exhale

My neighbour disregards

and millions disregard

cohabitance with other beings

Souls of the seven cats

Haunt me and wound me

Unanimously they ask

why they were poisoned

Haven’t they right to this planet?

Aren’t they children of God?

Is it offence to run along the compound?

Is it sin to play hide and seek with birds?

Is it crime to defecate in pits

and bury it neatly?

Sweet memories of those pet cats

how they brought heaven to our house

torment us like thorns on our hearts

How can I avenge their deaths?

What law is there to punish my neighbour?

God, don’t you hear their cries?

Don’t you hear our cries?

I can only vision

my neighbour will be reborn

as a mouse to be chased

by half a dozen cats










6.    Multicultural Kerala


My native State Kerala

blessed with equable climate

and alluring landscape

crowned by the Sahyas

she lies on the lap of Arabian Sea

Multitudes of brooks and rivers

flow through her veins

Thousands of species of flora and fauna

Six months long rainy season

followed by summer bearable

Autumn and winter fear to enter

Tourists call it God’s own country


Education makes one cultured and civilized

teaches one noble values and principles

Alas high rate of literacy

doesn’t yield fruit to my fellowmen

They are puppets in the hands of

religious and political mafias

Become preys to superstitions,

offshoots of religious blind faith

Millions are spent for

senseless rituals and ceremonies


Education makes them crazy of

white-collared cozy jobs

Fertile arable lands and fields

lie like deserted wastelands

The State depends on neighbouring States

for food of all kinds,

Rice, wheat and other grains

vegetables, fruits, milk, egg, meat

Construction mania devours

paddy fields and arable lands

and defecate multistoreyed structures

on mother-earth’s lovely bosom

Educated youth of the State

not getting white-collared jobs

seek employment abroad

spending loans of lakhs from banks

What an irony! They are ready to do

hazardous laborious tasks

and even menial scavenger jobs


Kerala has become a haven

for North Indian labourers

Thousands flood to this heaven

and serve the indolent Keralites

Construction, agricultural, plantation

commercial, domestic and

such daily wage labours

go through their rocky hands

My State has thus become

cent percent dependent and multicultural!




















7.    On Conservation


Hey poet, kindly heed to my plea

before you thrust your pen

into my bleeding heart

Though I am a passive sheet of paper

I have a soul as vibrant as yours

Please don’t vomit your trash

through your volcanic missile

The less you write the more we live

the more our plant family lives

Kindly write on the need of the day

the necessity of conservation

of plants and animals on earth












8.    Charles Darwin, Patron Saint of Animals


Charles Darwin the great scientist

unraveled history of Creation

linked human beings with other beings

challenged pseudo religious claims

Religious fanatics injected

irrational theories and philosophies

to establish man’s supremacy

and similarity to the Creator

“God created man in His own image!”

Isn’t man more prone to vice than virtue?

How then has he God’s image?

Do animals commit sins or crimes?

Hats off to Charles Darwin

the patron saint of other beings

Rational man will deem his

relation to the animal world,

respect their claims for coexistence







9.    Elephant Mania


Elephant the largest animal on earth

Famous for its memory and intelligence

But seldom knows its size or power

Hence cunning man enslaves it

Makes it dance to all his whims and fancies

Highly sensitive to heat

It’s goaded along burning tar road

Speared often if it disobeys mahout

Forced to drag huge timber

Bear people on its back in tourist centres

An exhibit for temple festivals

Torture it with heavy sounds

of fireworks and drums

Unbearable it charges

on mahouts and crowd

How many have been killed thus?

Are gods crazy of elephants

or devotees elephant-maniacs?

Isn’t it high time

we send them back to jungles

and thus save their lives and ours?



10.                    India, Number One!


Sixty percent of my countrymen

defecate in open place

Six hundred and twenty six million!

My country is number one in the world!

Dear my brothers and sisters abroad,

don’t you see my country’s growth?

Ninety seven percent of my country men

have no access to clean drinking water.

Yet the government claims

 the country is fast growing!

True, growth is there

in number of multi-millionaires

who are even less than two percent.






11.                    Child Labour*


Dhanalakshmi, lass of eleven

Parents dreamt of making wealth

and named her thus

after the goddess of wealth

Her parents sick and poor

fail to feed their children

Crying hungry mouths

forced the wretched parents

to sell the eldest lass

With burning heart

and tears rolling down

the ma gave her parting kiss

Her trembling hands received

five thousand rupees

the price of her darling child

Reluctant and crying

Dhanalkshmi followed her master

Young and healthy Advocate

lived with his wife and children

Luxurious double-storied house

Dhanalakshmi cook-cum-maid

Her hellish life from dawn to midnight

Her tender soft palms

smooth as petals of lilies

burnt, bruised, bled

Sadist husband and wife

drunk and voluptuous

inflicted wounds on her body

Woke her up very early morning

burning her hand with cigarette ends

Starved her for sluggishness in work

Poor lass helpless and crying

None in the world

to share her sorrows

Longed for her parents call

to take her back home

Dreamt of a day

lying on her ma’s lap

caressed by the loving hands

When children of her age

strolled gaily to their schools

tears ran like brooks

Tired of overnight’s late labour

couldn’t fall in for duty at dawn

The monster mistress poured

hot water on her sleeping head

Poor lass shrieked with deadly pain

The neighbours swarmed to the house

hearing this piercing scream

Took the child to the nearby hospital

showering abusive words

on her master and mistress

Phoned to the police

and got them arrested

The channels flashed the news

Millions prayed mute

for Dhanalakshmi’s precious life

And alas she left the world

immersing the whole state

in an ocean of grief and wrath

*The tragedy took place in February 2011


12.                    Caste Lunatics


Prakash Jaatav, aged thirty one

riding on his motorcycle

attacked by a group of twelve

beat him and slashed his nose

The reason for this diabolic act?

“The Dalits have no right to ride motorbikes

 in presence of high caste men.”

My country, the greatest democracy,

when will it be freed from

lunatics of caste and religion?


*The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, India in the month of June 2012.








13.                    Bulbuls’ Nest


My jasmine plant

with myriads of hands

embraced the slender pole

Entangled like a

lass’s disheveled hair

Sprinkled with flowers

sparkling like stars

Allured a pair of

red whiskered bulbuls

Intoxicated by fragrance

started building a nest

Their sweet high note music

echoed our house and compounds

God has sent them

recompense for our

murdered seven cats

Delightedly we watched

every step of their architecture

We tried our best

not to frighten

our divine guests

Neither were they

 scared of the hosts

Ten days of incessant work

magnificent nest was ready

Two purple eggs then

Hatching for twelve days

Started feeding the nestlings

Guests of four in our outhouse

We were extra vigilant

to scare off covetous crows

The guests may leave us

after a fortnight

Still that heavenly bliss

happiness for ever


Alarmed by their shrieking wail

we dashed towards the jasmine

A rat snake close to the nest

Frightened, climbed down

and sped its way

Alas, the chicks were swallowed!

Wretched bulbuls

wailed for two days

and disappeared for ever

My wife still disagrees

for letting the snake go elated

I have never seen it

before or after

Isn’t He who sent it

as the bulbuls were?

How can a host

ill-treat a guest?

He who creates

destroys as well.










14.                    Beena’s Shattered Dreams*


Unbearable to look at

their darling daughter’s still body

parents fell unconscious

Beena’s corpse was brought from Mumbai

accompanied by her roommates.


Her parents made her nursing graduate

taking loans of lakhs from bank

and spending from their meager daily wages

What all dreams were there for her,

her parents and her younger sister!


The Mumbai Hospital had offered her

monthly salary of thirteen thousand,

free food, boarding and travel

She had to live in cell in hostel

with three other colleagues

Had to cook her meals

Had to spend fifty rupees daily

for rickshaws taking her to the hospital

She was paid only nine thousand

and had to work more than twelve hours a day

and that too with an irregular schedule


She wanted to escape from that hellish world

longed to return home

and seek a job in a better hospital

But authorities won’t let her go

unless fifty thousand paid

for breach of contract

They can violate all agreements

and none is there to question them

No law is there to punish them

Alas, dreams and hopes being shattered,

losing strength to face all challenges,

Beena bade adieu ending her life


The three estates of my great country

and the fourth estate too,

the largest democracy in the world!

Don’t you listen to the wails and sobs

stormed from Beena’s writhing parents?

Have you lost your conscience

witnessing thousands of Beenas  every day?


*The tragedy occurred in October 2011


15.                    Mullaperiyar Dam*


A dam aged hundred and sixteen,

built without cement but surkhi and lime,

blocking innocent frisky Periyar,

immersing millions of plants and trees,

fleeing thousands of animals and birds.

It postures now Janus-faced;

its old age worsened by frequent tremors,

head to foot bleeding in several parts,

makes millions tense and sleepless on one side.

Catastrophic fear culminated to

behavioural problems in children nearby;

daren’t go to school, neither parents dare to send;

anxiety, phobia, depression, insomnia!

If broken, forty millions in five districts affected.

People in unison clamour for new dam:

“Give them water and save our lives.”

Millions on other side object to new dam;

Disbelieve promise of water from other side.

Arid five districts made fertile using the water.

Political mafia beguiles innocent masses

People on both sides lived as one family

Alas! Anti-social forces injected

regional, racial venom in masses;

destroy farms, attack shops and buses.

Multitudes flee to their native villages

leaving whatever they have earned with sweat.

Borders are closed, police patrol,

Inter-state buses and trucks stop run;

fruits, vegetables and eggs are rotten;

thousands of farmers,  labours and merchants

struggle for their daily lives.

Rulers of State and central governments

living in midst of pomp and luxury

heed not to the wails and moans of the masses.

Avarice for power obstructs their duties;

tests the patience of benevolent Nature

and leaves the masses preys to calamities.


*The poem is composed based on newspaper reports during monsoon in 2011.









16.                    I Wish I could Fly Back


I wish I could sit on Time’s shoulder

and fly back to my youth

I could then be jolly

with my friends and colleagues

who bathed me with pure love

which flowed from their surging hearts

I do have friends today

who are selfish, fake and fraud


I could then sit my daughter and son

on my lap to shower them with warm kisses

Carry them on my shoulder

and listen  to their jingling babble

I could watch their nimble feet

moving like  musical notes

They both are grown up now

making my lips dry and droughty


I could then love my ma more

help her in her domestic works

make her happy with sweet loving words

caress her hands and feet when lying tired

buy her new dress on carnival days

How little I could return her

when compared to her tsunami of love!

Alas I can only long for

as she has flown to her Father’s abode














17.                    Pearl’s Harbour*


Parents who christened her ‘Pearl’

never dreamt her becoming real pearl

A real gem to hundreds of desolates

Pearl aged thirty one

and her only daughter Kalinga

living with seven other kids

and mothers two—all forlorn

Living with a mission in life

No mother shall sell her child

complying to Hunger’s call

No mother shall kill her child

for being born of illegal father

Her rented house at Alappuzha**

a bower of love and benevolence

Born to wealthy parents

postgraduate in Social Work

married to Prasanth an industrialist

Truly made for each other

both were humane and philanthropists

Helped orphans and wretched

from profits of their business

Alas Creator called him back

through a car accident

Pearl fulfilled Prasanth’s dream

‘Pink’ was formed for charity

Returns from his business partnerships

flow as milk and food

to hundreds of forlorn mouths

Unlike Rossetti’s Blessed Damozel

he never yearns for Pearl’s reunion

Pearl is a role model

to thousands of wealthy parents

who luxuriate in their mansions

with a child or two and servants plenty


*Based on the newspaper report in The Mathrubhumi on 20 April 2011

**A coastal town in Kerala, India




18.                    Dignity of Labour


Imitating the Whites

fashionable to the Blacks

particularly to my countrymen

Mimic dress, hairstyle

food, drinks and all

such sensory pleasures

My countrymen fail to imitate

noble qualities:

industry, perseverance,

enterprise, adventure,

equality, fraternity,

cleanliness, health

love of nature

and environment

Laziness is their chief trait

Agricultural labourers,

sweepers, scavengers,

fishermen, tailors,

barbers, drivers

and all such workers

who serve the mankind

often underdogs

and seldom deemed

Parasite politicians

bogus sanyasis and clergies

white-collar bureaucrats,

corrupt and inefficient,

models and heroes

and honoured by my society!












19.                    Drowned Dreams*


Shijin Das and Jibin

friends aged eighteen

students who passed intermediate

wanted to serve the country

and earn their livelihood

Preparation for naval recruitment

wanted to learn swimming

tried in flooded paddy field

Their bubbles of dreams pricked off

sinking their parents and dear ones

in tears they were drowned

Bharat Matha,

why didn’t you hold them from sinking

who were willing to guard you from enemies?


*Based on a tragedy that took place at Enavoor, Kerala, India on 12 June 2012.




20.                    Hungry Mouths


“My sweet son,

finish your rice;

why so slow?”

“Ma, enough for me;

can’t eat any more.”

“Ouch! Why took so much

and made such waste?

Dear, you don’t realize

the price of your leavings;

it can save

a child like you

from his death today.

Thousands of children

are famished

in our country

and other countries

day after day.

Leftovers of the

ten percent Haves

can sustain

ninety percent Havenots

and make this hellish world

a blissful heaven.

My dear child

whenever you

sit before food

lend your ears

to the hungry cries

of millions of kids

and the moans

of their helpless mummies.”

“Very very sorry ma

I will never waste

any food in future.

Ma, we shall keep

a portion of our food

and send it to

those hungry mouths.”

“Right my child,

we will do

what we can do

to silence those wails.”









21.                    Ananthu and the Wretched Kite*


Ananthukrishna, God’s innocent child

confronts with a kite, God’s own dear creation

No reason for spite or revenge

Little lad is chased by the kite

pecks him on head and back

on his journey to school and home

Compelled to go with parent and umbrella


A fortnight ago some elder naughty boys

pelted stones at the wretched kite

Even wounded by a stone on its back

Boys fled away leaving Ananthu alone

Poor kite mistook him as assailant


Accipitrine birds like kites, hawks, eagles,

God created them carnivores

Prey on birds, insects, animals for survival

Whereas we human beings

butcher animal world

not for existence but for taste

Nocturnal birds like bats and owls

ominous for us human beings


When will we begin to love

 kites, eagles, bats, owls

as we long for parrots, cuckoos,

skylarks and nightingales?

When will we stop the massacre

of animals, birds and fish

and learn to respect

other beings and their right to live?


*Based on newspaper report















22.                    A Spider in My Bathroom


A spider in my bathroom

To smite or spare?

Lives on mosquitoes

who inject me

The creator has sent

it along with mosquitoes

Being a poet vowed

to love all creations

what shall I do?









23.                    Fruit of Labour


Mr. Mony, my painter,

deserted by money itself

Tightened his belt

to sustain his family

Had to live in a rented hut

with his unemployed wife

and two little lads


Mony led a team of dozen

frisked with colours and brushes

Bathed houses, schools,

colleges, churches, hospitals,

offices, monasteries

and sky scrapers

with dazzling, delightful colours,

and filled eyes and minds

of his employers

with immense joy and happiness


Mony started his career

with a meager wage of fifty

A humble breakfast at ten

was his lone diet during duty

When he painted my house once,

his teammates went to dine

during lunch break

But he was sitting on the verandah

with a beedi burning on his lips

“Mony, why don’t you go for lunch?”

“Sir, I am not used to lunch.

How can I spend more

from the fifty rupees I get?”

Right, Mony went on painting

from little rooms to steeples,

nurturing colourful dreams

of a house of his own one day

and government jobs to his children

Sons were sent for professional education,

taking burdensome loans from banks


Mony’s days have come at last!

Goddess of wealth has descended

to his humble house

Both his sons are employed with high salary

Are married to brides with fine income

Have bought a house and cars two

Mony, my painter, is really happy now

He goes on painting with his colleagues

gets reasonable wage of five hundred

He dances with his brush and colours!

But never goes to take his lunch

his only luxury a drink in the evening









24.                    Sail of Life


My morning walk takes me

to a tea stall

The lone opened shop

at the still Gandhi Square


I am astonished

by the din and bustle

that comes out

from all opened stalls

in the evenings


My boisterous sail will reach

its harbour one day

I will be astonished

by its stillness and darkness




25.                    Valueless Education


Shocking news shrieked newspaper readers

Fourteen year old tenth class Legin*

fiendishly murdered by his classmate

A year old grudge of the culprit

Revenge for a blow from the victim

Invited friendly to the school urinal

Stabbed several times on chest and neck

Hacked off head with a knife

Then cracked it with a large rock

Torn whole body with a piece of glass

Left the corpse with little grief or remorse


Where does our education

lead teenage minds to?

The young culprit leads a discontent life

Lives with his mother,

Deserted by his father

who lives with his fourth wife

Gets no value from his home or school

Visual media leads him astray

Becomes fan of Rambo films

Worships fictitious hero

who can kill all enemies

He too keeps a knife in his socks

and a glass piece wrapped in kerchief


Media, print and visual

forget ethics they are bound to follow

Instead of being a correcting force

to all subjects and other estates

filling minds with eternal noble values

they inject venoms of violence

communalism and superstitions

They focus terrorists and anti heroes

Arch corrupters and human deities

And no wonder, tender minds

are bewitched by their illusion


*The heinous crime took place in St. George’s Higher Secondary School, Muttar, Kerala, India on 7th May 2012



26.                    Musings on My Shoes


Dear my black leather shoes,

I should prostrate over you

for carrying seventy kilos

for more than two years

You are relieved only

a few hours at nights

Yet how little did I

deem your service!

You lifted me from

dust, mud and all such filth

Seldom did I heed to your

terrible tearful travail:

the way man slaughtered you

to extract your hide

Off my feet I threw you

out of my vicinity,

displeased with the stench

excreted from my feet

How can one be crueler than this?

How ungrateful I have been!


Same is the plight of proletariat

They are shoes worn by the rich

Service being complete

they are spat out like curry leaves

Women too are often treated like shoes

Mothers and wives when old and weak

Become burden to sons and husbands














27.                    Multilingual Black Drongo


Black Drongo the black beauty

Proud of its diverse sounds and tails

Homo sapiens feel proud

of its speech and language

Other beings can’t follow it

Same is the case

with non-human sounds

Which scientist can read

cries of animals and birds?

Black Drongo speaks

in more than seven sounds

Even imitates cat’s sound

And its species reads them well

and responds sweetly.

How sweet and musical

are the sounds of animal world

when compared to the toxic sounds

vomited by the human species

defiling air chaste and pure!




28.                    Mukesh’s Destiny*


Poor parents named him Mukesh

Perhaps longed their son

to be great like legendary singer

or multibillionaire Ambani

Born to impoverished Dalit parents

studies in fifth standard

Fate defies him at this tender age

Mother bed-ridden with mouth cancer

Compelled to forgo all treatment

Father, the bread earner

fell victim to acute asthma

Little Mukesh is their lone support

Works in nearby estates

on all holidays and even working days

When his classmates enjoy holidays

his nimble feet and soft hands

clash with rough tools and hard earth

How can government turn face to

Mukesh and his wretched parents?


*Based on the news report in the Malayalam daily The Mathrubhumi on 30 June 2012.




















29.                    Lottery Tickets Sellers


Blind old man

weak and bony

leaning on staff

holding lottery tickets

in tremulous left hand

His lone dependent

and supporter as well

spouse old and weak

through whom

he knows the world

leads him by hand

to the queue of men

waiting at the liquor shop

Another blind youth

pocketed with tickets

stationed at entrance of

chief government office

Similar sight of a ticket seller

a youth who has lost

both his hands

pleads for commuters’ mercy

in buses after buses

with tickets and money

hanging in two pockets

They all try to bring

fortune to their customers

Alas, goddess of fortune

never cares for them











30.                    Mahi’s Fourth Birthday*


Mahi’s fourth birthday

clad in new gaudy dress

celebrating with her friends

playing near the house at 11pm

fell into that hellish trap,

a deserted uncapped borewell

seventy feet deep

Poor kid’s faint wails added by

shrieking cries of her parents,

friends and relatives

Rescue operation led by army,

supported by fire force,

police, tunneling experts,

officials of health, revenue, security,

a team of more than hundred

worked hard  for long eighty six hours,

digging parallel well nearby,

while two thousand million minds

bled with deep anguish

and their prayers soared high

for the little angel’s life

Alas, the army personnel brought out

decomposed body of Mahi

She died of asphyxia

within three or four hours,

the postmortem revealed

Envious of the poor child’s happiness

gods in heaven dragged her there

to entertain them with her mirth

Innocent children fall victims

to careless adults’ negligence

and the culprits go acquitted


* The tragic incident occurred at Manesar Village in Haryana, India on 20th June 2012.




31.                    Who am I?


 “Who are you?” my superego asked

“I am Prof. K. V. Dominic, MA, M.Phil, PhD,” my id replied

“Alright, what else?”

“English poet, short story writer, critic, editor.”

“Keep that long tail under your armpit,” superego exploded.

“An illiterate farmer is greater than you;

His service is greater than your scribbling;

Labourers’ sweat is dearer than your ink;

If they strike, your writings will cease,

and ultimately you yourself will disappear.

Hence support them and write on them;

Proclaim to the world the noble

service they render to the humanity.”











32.                    Bathroom Monologues


A cell one loves deep

One which gives most relief

Both physical and mental

A place of countless monologues

Muses descend there

Orpheus opens your lips

Music flows from you

to the accompaniment of

rhythmic sounds of shower

There you are the monarch

No complexes rein you

You sing to your content

The birth of ideal creativity!











33.                    Martyrs at the Borders

Chilly freezing Line of Control

Two Indian soldiers shot dead

by Pakistan counterparts

A body even beheaded and mutilated

Similar accusations from Pakistan soldiers

Precious human lives little value there

Values frozen with passionless life at high altitude

When billions of compatriots

live peacefully with their families

on either sides of LoC

thousands of soldiers patrol day and night

deprived of warmth of love

from their spouses and children

How their families long to meet them

counting down months and days!

How these guardian angels

thirst for communion with their families!

How much of a country’s revenue

allotted for its defence every year!

Total money spent on defence

can wipe out poverty from the planet for ever

Is human species so belligerent and destructive?

Aren’t the masses peace lovers,

benevolent and compassionate?

Why then such a huge waste

for defence unnecessary?

Why create tension at the borders?

A means to divert subjects’ attention

and muffle mass’ protest against corruption?















34.                    Mother’s Love

Maternal love, love sublime

Inexplicable, unfathomable

Noblest of all emotions

Visible both on human beings

and other beings

Both on domestic animals

and wild animals

Mother feeding babies

seeking food for them

with much labour

She eats only after

they are fed or

leaving portions for them


Maternal love is transcendent emotion

Both human species

and other species possess

I am perplexed

by some sporadic disasters

A mother offering her

affectionate daughter

to please her lover’s sexual urge

How could she throw her dear child

to the hungry wolf?

How could she suppress

the divine emotion of maternal love?
























35.                    Tears of a World Champion*


Kudos to Indian Blind Cricket team

2012 World Champion

Hats off to Mr. A. Manish

Middle order batsman and fine fielder

A role model to people with eyes

Resurrected like a phoenix bird


Lost eyesight at the infant age of three

Thatched hut of the family

burnt very close to him

Helpless baby went on crying

till the hut turned to ashes

Instead of tears puss flowed

from eyes next morning

Lost one eye’s function cent percent


Father died after six months

Mother sent him to Blinds’ School

Studied till higher secondary

The school could find his cricket talents

Got selected into Kerala State team

And later into Indian team

And now world champion at 24


But his jubilations can’t last long

Has to regain mason work

at the mixing company nearby

Has been doing so for several years

to earn bread for him

and his depending family

Has got three sisters

and one has to be married off


Manish yearns for government’s mercy

A permanent job

as reward for his service to nation


*Based on newspaper report








36.                    Thodupuzha Municipal Park


Municipal park at Thodupuzha

beckons me my evenings

A haven for the townsmen

fleeing from their burning houses

Afternoon heat of thirty eight degrees

Sweating throughout due to humidity

Why to blame sun or gods?

Man has dug his grave

Not only his but other beings

and the planet itself


Though not vast, an ideal park

Full of trees and river adjacent

Symphony of the chirpings from above

Rustling of gentle breeze on leaves

Mixed sounds of flowing vehicles


Seated on a concrete bench

my senses feast beauties one by one

Little kids on swings and merry-go-rounds

captivate my eyes and mind

Little ones of all creations

eternal beauties that haunt our minds

Those little kids’ merry pendulum swings

pull me back to childhood days

How much I longed for a swing

made of ropes and coconut leaf!

How I fell once rope broken

How ma beat me for swinging and falling


Those parents pushing kids on next swing

nostalgically draws my mind

to our occasional visit here a score year back

myself, Anne and our little two kids

How much we enjoyed from their happy swings!


Gone are those happy days with little kids

They have grown up and flown away from us

Anxiety of their future welfare has replaced

peace and happiness that haunted in our house








37.                    Why is Fate So Cruel to the Poor?*

Latehar District in Jharkhand

One of the poorest in ‘fast growing’ India

Landlessness and graft in public schemes

compel the villagers every year

to migrate to neighbouring Bihar

for a few months

to work on landowners’ vast farms

in exchange for paddy grains

No wages but one by twelfth of the harvest

That too deducting the food they ate

The rate remains the same

even after long eight years

Exploitations questioned by none

None to protect the wretched

Not even the One who created them

Eighth January 2013

The blackest day for the unfortunates

The hired truck carrying sacks of grains they earned

Workers sitting on the top of the sacks

tried to protect them and the children

from the bitter chill of the night

Alas! The truck swerved and overturned

Twenty five labourers and ten children

died suffocated under heavy sacks

They struggled hard for the grain

and the grain led them to their graves

Why is fate so cruel to the poor?


*Based on newspaper report














38.                    Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013


I.C.C. Women’s Cricket World Cup 2013

Played in cricket crazy land of India

Opening match at Brabourne ground, Mumbai

Indian lasses meeting West Indian lasses

Live telecast from Star Cricket

What a shame! Empty galleries!

Had it been men’s world cup

galleries full and thousands ticketless outside

Why such discrimination to women’s sports?

Why such double standards to women’s feats?

Had it been women’s beauty contest

or fashion show with minimum dress

the stadium would be full

even if tickets are very high

Dear my brothers in India and abroad

let’s appreciate and promote

our sisters’ talents and skills

rather than looking at them

with vicious hungry eyes.





39.                    ACTS–Saviors on the Roads*

ACTS: Accident Care and Transport Service

Founded at Thrissur, Kerala in 1999

More than thirty thousand voluntary helpers now

Doctors, engineers, teachers, daily wage labourers

Fourteen branches, fourteen ambulances

Free service in the entire district

Flown to more than fifty thousand accident spots

Taken more than a lakh bleeding lives to hospitals

Thousands of bruised dead bodies

to police stations and mortuaries

ACTS has become the culture of the land

Ethos of a humane enlightened people

Sensing others agony as one’s own

Finding time for others

even in one’s busy hectic life


*Based on newspaper report








40.                    Beach Beauticians*


Kozhikode beach in Kerala

Beautified by four beauticians

Salih and his three mates

Free voluntary service

from six to eight all morning

When others enjoy morning walk

they get greater happiness

in serving them and

thousands who frequent in evenings

Bought brooms, baskets, spades, pickaxes

Start cleaning from one end

removing garbage, plastic,

grass and mud on road sides

setting loosened tiles in position

Ten days to reach the other end

and then another ten on return

Role models to the human race

Treat public place as our own compounds


*Based on newspaper report




41.                    A Tribute to Sakuntala Devi*


7,686,369,774,870 x 2,465,099,745,779

The answer in just twenty eight seconds!

= 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730

Guinness Book Record in 1982 

Kudos to Sakuntala Devi, the “Human Computer”

Born to a trapeze, tightrope performer

having no formal education

surprised all as mental calculator

from the tender age of three

University scientists bowed their heads

amazed at her skill at age of six

23rd root of 201-digit number

she could answer in fifty seconds!

Cube root of 188138517

she could do it faster than a computer

Marvel to the East and the West 

her loss is literally irreplaceable

Praise to the Almighty

for His revelation through a human brain!

*Shakuntala Devi was an Indian writer and mental calculator from Bangalore popularly known as “human computer.” She died on 21 April 2013.




42.                    Celebration of Girl-Child’s Birth*


The greatest celebration of girl-child’s birth

the highest model to the entire world

The slaughterhouse world where thousands

of female fetus are killed everyday

Piplantri villagers in Indian State Rajasthan

angels on earth creating a paradise

A girl-child’s birth celebration to the entire village

Earth, sky, trees, flowers, rivers, birds, flies

welcome the newcomer dancing

Hundred and eleven saplings

brought by women to newborn’s house

They are to be planted in the village

and nurtured throughout their lives

The villagers collect twenty one thousand rupees

donate to newborn’s father

Adding his own ten thousand

deposits in child’s account

a fixed deposit for twenty years

The child shall get maximum education

Not married before maturity

The noble practice started in 2007

The village head Shyam Sundar Palival

started this exemplary project

A memorial of his departed girl child

The village is now blessed with

two lakh fifty thousand robust trees

Fruit trees and herbal trees

Their leaves and fruits yield

great income to the villagers


*Based on The Mathrubhumi report on 5 June 2013—the World Environment Day.


















43.                    Where shall I Flee from This Fretful Land?


Once God’s own country with equable climate

Rainy season for six months

and mild summer for the rest of the year

Blessed with brooks, rivers, lakes and greeneries

Now people crazy for material pleasures and luxuries

tumbled nature’s balance and bounties

resulting scanty rain and intolerable heat

So where shall I flee from this fretful land?


Once fertile land for free and secular thoughts

People lived in multicultural harmony

Hindus, Muslims, Christians lived as brothers and sisters

respected each other and their religious views

Now hell of intolerance and religious fundamentalism

So where shall I flee from this fretful land?


Once politicians were apostles

Their selfless service to the nation

lauded gratefully by the people

Now people look at them with dubious eyes

for corruption is stamped on their brow

National income created of sweated labour

looted by these ignoble lazy cheats

So where shall I flee from this fretful land?
























44.                    Homage to Swami Vivekananda*


Swami Vivekananda,

the morning star of the East

The magnetic seer with his

reasonable rendition of religion

Religion as scientific as science

Religion is science of consciousness

Religion is universal experience

of transcendent Reality

Science and religion complementary

He freed religion

from the hold of superstitions

Freed it from dogmatism

priestcraft and intolerance

Religion is pursuit of supreme Freedom

Supreme Knowledge and supreme Happiness

He laid foundation for spiritual humanism

which makes life meaningful and worth living

He taught world man should be pure

for purity is our real nature and soul

We should love and serve our neighbours

for we are all one in the Supreme Spirit


India’s greatest cultural ambassador to the West

taught his countrymen

how to master Western science

based on Indian spirituality

How to adapt Western humanism

to Indian life and culture

*World Celebrated Swami Vivekananda’s 150th  Birthday on 12 January 2014
















45.     Agitation through Farming*


Arippa land agitation

Thousand two hundred landless families

agitating for land past one year

Converted eight acre wasteland to rich farm land

Yielded rich harvest of vegetables

and more than forty quintals paddy

Sold in open market as ‘Arippa Fresh’ rice

Tapioca grown in seven acres


Agitation under Adivasi Dalit Munnetta Samithi

Encroached fifty six acres of surplus rubber estate

acquired by the State government

Protesters ranging from ninety year old

to two-week infant live in shanties

more than thousand erected on the estate

They don’t misappropriate estate assets

but demand land as means of livelihood

and for roof over their heads

They have spread a strong message

Unassessed government lands lying idle

could be used for feeding hungry mouths

*Based on the report in The Hindu on 8 January 2014. Arippa is a place in Kollam District, Kerala, India

46.  An Ideal Festival*


Annual festival of Chittanjoor St. Mary’s Orthodox Church

A role model to festivals of all religions

Originally planned for grand festivity

Though church of Christians, Christians few in number

It’s church of Christians, Hindus and Muslims


Atul Krishan a youth of eighteen

Son of house opposite to church

Died of bike accident a week ago

Fr. Pathrose summoned festival committee

Committee comprising mainly non Christians

Made his suggestion to cancel festivities

When a family of mother and sister mourning

how can there be happiness and merriment?

The committee agreed unanimously

Cancelled booking of elephants and bands

Celebrated festival with just a Holy Rasa

Erected a tall stone lamp with the money collected

The community prayed for the soul’s eternal rest


* Chittanjoor St. Mary’s Orthodox Church is in Thrissur District, Kerala, India. Based on Malayala Manorama report on 2 January 2014


47.    Protest against Sand Mafia*


New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar               

Haven of Satyagraha strikers

Thirty one year old Jazeera

with her three little kids

The youngest boy only two

Tented on the footpath

Staying on a cot under plastic sheet

Neither torrid heat of summer

nor freezing cold of winter

can defeat her will power

Protest against sand mafia

looting thousands of tones

from northern beaches of Kerala

Huts of poor labourers

swallowed by sea one by one

Police and government helpless

Jazeera’s protest goes on for six months


Does she miss the warmth of home?

Is she guilty about her children?

What about their schooling?

Will her protest go unnoticed?

Her honest answer is

“I am doing this for my children

If we don’t stop them now

there’ll be nothing left on the beaches

Our houses will submerge in the sea.”

For whom is the government?

Law-breakers and criminals or their victims?


*Based on the report in The Hindu on 9 January 2014